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Products & Services

Highly Reliable Data Connectivity
Private Leased Circuit

Super Sistem International and Domestic Private Leased Circuit or PLC is a clear channel and highly reliable point to point service that is used by service providers and companies to communicate between locations that are geographically spread.
PLC can be used for internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, and any other form of telecommunications.

  • Layer 1: DWDM OTU2/OTU3/OTU4
  • Layer 2: Ethernet
  • Capacity: 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps
Demarcation Point:
  • CDC Cyber1 Building – Jakarta
  • APJII Cyber1 Building – Jakarta
  • Neucentrix Karet – Jakarta
  • Nusantara Data Center (NDC) – Batam
  • Global Switch – Singapore
  • Equinix SG1 – Singapore
Speed, Flexibility, and Security

Use the fiber backbone to build your own infrastructure network with full control of the equipment, capacity and performance. The network is a fully privately owned fiber network offered to professional customers such as Carriers, Operators or other clients demanding a physical private network. The network covers multiple locations in Indonesia and Singapore. Each fiber carries only your traffic and gives you freedom to decide how to build your network and reach the region.

Leasing options

Multiple financing options available. Choose between a more traditional monthly recurrent based charge, prepaid lease or IRUs.

Data Center

Through a partnership with Super Sistem, our partner can establish their presences in multiple location of our trusted partner data centers. Giving flexibility and cost efficiency with our scalable collocation solution.  Our trusted data center partners include tier-2 and tier-3.

Data Center Partner:
  • CDC – Cyber 1 Jakarta
  • APJII – Cyber 1 Jakarta
  • Telkom Neucentrix – Karet Jakarta
  • Nusantara Data Center – Nongsa Batam
Use Super Sistem as your eyes, ears, and hands
Managed Services

Super Sistem understands that you need to compete in digital age and our professional team is dedicated to make your connectivity simple to achieve those digital ambitions with certainty.  Our 24/7 highly dedicated technical experts will be on standby to assist you in any network related issues without the necessity to deploy your resources locally. Super Sistem will be there when you can’t, offering assistance with a full scope of services including licensing, permitting, installation and troubleshooting. 

Equipment Installation Services

  • PDU
  • Interface cards
  • Ladder racking, pre-wiring, of patch panels and equipment

Rack and Stack Services

  • Full-service installations


  • Provide on-site technical assistance
  • Test carrier circuits

Remote Management

  • Power cycling of equipment
  • Provide visual inspection of equipment
  • Replace or remove equipment
  • Add, remove or verify a demarcation

Cabling Services

  • Assemble, install, and maintain cabling
  • Structured cabling
  • Verify cable integrity
  • Extend patch cables from the patch panel to equipment

Logistic Support

  • Handle equipment receiving, storage and cage delivery
  • Assist with un-crating equipment from boxes and ship replaced equipment
  • Move equipment within your space and cabinets
Batam Landing Station
Anambas Landing Station
Natuna Landing Station